The Magic Pill

I am often asked for a magic pill in weight loss. To be honest, they exist. But I don’t recommend them though because I am not in the weight loss business. I am more interested in creating healthy habits as your new lifestyle, and then letting the weight loss take care of itself.
So what happens when you start working out with a trainer, consistently, and you don’t see your desired results? We are probably going to tell you to log your food. Most of us can identify common trigger foods that hinder weight loss. We are also going to be making sure you are drinking your water. If you aren’t pushing water, allowing your body to regulate its systems and flush toxins, you won’t drop the weight you want. You also need to make sure you are getting your sleep. Studies have shown people who get less than six hours struggle with weight loss, and those who sleep more than 9 hours have a higher incidence of being overweight. Everyone is different in terms of how much sleep then can have and find themselves thriving. A sleep mood log, where you record number of hours slept and how you feel when you wake, is a great way to determine the best amount of sleep for you. Another key is to decrease your stress. You can go about this one of two ways. The first is to find ways to eliminate your stressors. Delegate things on your plate, set limits on your time, and ask for help. The second way is to find a better way to handle stress, by going for a walk or hitting a heavy bag instead of binging on candy or smoking a cigarette.
So be honest with yourself, are you giving your all in your work outs? Have you logged all of your food and making good choices? Is your water intake appropriate? How much sleep are you getting? What stressors can you eliminate? Have you developed the best stress fighting behaviors? If you are feeling stuck, and are ready to put in the work, reach out and I would love to help you.