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Meal planning can be a daunting task to take on especially for beginners. Here, we take it from start to finish to keep your meals healthy and your lifestyle on track.

Meal Planning from Start to Finish

Put Your Finger on the Trigger- Becka's Boot Camp When on a journey to new beginnings, it is important to identify your triggers. And work to avoid them or better handle them.

I looked up the definition of trigger and found the verb definition,¬†cause (an event or situation) to happen […]

Put Your Finger On The Trigger

Back to school, back to structure, back to routine, back to fitness. Meal planning, crock pot cooking, easy no fuss work outs, back to fit.

For many of us, back to school brings changes. Some people are heading back to work, or to […]

Back 2 Fit

More than a Math Game Becka's Boot Camp Are you working on becoming your best? It isn't easy. It is a lifestyle, a marathon, a change in mindset. You will find a new outlook on life, a new joy for living, and a zest for fun. Sounds great, doesn't it? So why doesn't everyone want to live healthy? It calls for planning, prepping, and maybe missing out on things you used to think were required for fun. Friends and friendships change.

You need to eat less, move more. Sound familiar? Unfortunately that would only be true if we lived […]

More than a Math Game

There is no magic pill. You need to be willing to put in the work. Get your food in line, drink your water, get your sleep, and manage your stress.

I am often asked for a magic pill in weight loss. To be honest, they exist. But I […]

The Magic Pill