Thanksgiving Reflections

We hosted thanksgiving breakfast for my family yesterday, and then went to my in laws for dinner. It was a great day filled with family. It started with my husband, myself, and my oldest each making the time to work out. My hubby did most of the cooking and prep for breakfast, as I did the last minute touches to the house. We served ham, scrambled eggs, addictive asparagus, gluten and dairy free blueberry muffins, and grilled pineapple. Grace made turkey silverware holders out of toilet paper rolls. Dinner was turkey with stuffing, gravy, asparagus, yams, pumpkin bread, and a rice dish. We skip desserts with breakfast, as all of us have dinner later in the day. My mother in law baked an apple pie and a pumpkin pie, with Grace’s help. It was a nice, low key all day around, with lots of time for reflection. How far we have come this year has been quite great. This is my longest healthy work out streak, and the results have great. I am helping to control some of my pain with diet, and going off the plan shows its negative effects quickly. Hubby and I are making longer terms plans, which has been really nice. Our thoughts for big goals are not always in line, so it has taken some compromise to want to dream for the same things. In my challenge group with Anela, we have talked a lot lately about mindful eating. Being mindful carries across so many areas of your life. I am very drawn to the mindful meditations, and I have been working on my patience with the kids, forcing more mindfulness. I have chosen my mantra for next year already. This year has been all about mindful discovery, next year will be about intentional living. Spending intentional time with my kids, my husband. Being intentional in my work, and even in little things like meal planning. Financially, the goal will be intentional spending coupled with intentional saving. I love setting goals for the year, but I don’t like setting goals that compound on each other. I won’t be perfect every day with being intentional, but by this time 2016, I will have a whole new perspective on life that I look forward to seeing how I grow. Have you ever set a mantra for yourself? What have you learned through the process? If you have never set a mantra to reach for, will you join me in 2016?