Another Finisher Medal

I did it! I ran a 15K in 1:41:31. Since it is my first, totally makes it my PR. I was right about where I was expecting. Mile 7 was when I started feeling my knee. So, I walked a few times, and paid extra attention to my posture. Training continues tomorrow for the Ragnar Relay. I have 5.5 miles scheduled, but I will definitely be listening to my body as to how much I actually do. I have no plans in the future for a half, but I will probably do the Hot Chocolate again next year. It was a lot of fun. And my cousin told me she wants to do the 15K; I’d love to be by her side for every step. I did finish in the 61%ile, and if I don’t run with my cousin, I’d love to push myself to the top 50%.

It was encouraging that all my splits were sub 11 minute miles because almost all of my training runs were slower. I know now that I should probably push harder as I train. I was using early morning and listening to podcasts as my excuse. I know race day brings adrenaline that gives me positive increase in speed, but I ran 12-13 minute miles while training. I also ran the whole race with no podcasts or music too! The people cheering and clocks at every mile helped to speed the time along. I don’t foresee myself running in silence anytime soon while training, but maybe I will pick up my pace and listen to a podcast 3 times instead of only twice, to make sure I absorb all the goodness.

I am excited to see where my running journey takes me, and I promise to never stop lifting weights. I know how important it is to making me an even more efficient runner. Now to convince my hubby to do the Turkey Trot 5K with me later this month. What race are you running/walking/jogging in the near future?