28 Day Challenge

We’ve done several challenges over the years, this new 28 day challenge is the best one yet! Several things are making it different and the best, the biggest being app support. The entire challenge is available in one app. From the workouts to the food lists to the habit tracker. This is not a baby step kind of program. I am an overhauler, so I created an all encompassing challenge. If you are a baby stepper, this may not be the challenge for you.

If you are new around here, health and weight loss is about so much more than the scale. The five basics are health, as I like to call them, are sleep, water, exercise, food, and stress management. This challenge requires you to focus on all 5 areas all at once, for just 28 days. When you sign up for the challenge, we will set up a call to discuss the pillars for you personally. Then we can set up your habit tracker, and I’ll follow up in the app with daily reminders.

In addition to the habit tracker for your exercise, you will get a calendar of exercises. Four days a week, you will have a walk scheduled for cardio. If you have access to a bike or row machine, zumba class, or even already run, we will make modifications. All you need to commit to is walking though. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will have a workout video within the app. The final day of the week, I will send you a video for active recovery.

You will be provided with foods to eat most, eat in moderation, and do not eat. The avoid food list for the 28 days is alcohol, gluten, dairy, snacks, and desserts. I have included a sample meal plan in the app, or you can create your own. We will decide the best number of meals per day for you, it will either be 3 times within 8 hours or 2 times 4-6 hours apart.

Throughout the 28 days, we will have a group chat in the app. Community can be huge when pushing yourself. We will also have an individual chat, just you and I, where I will send reminders and you can ask questions. As the challenge ends, we will work together to find a more moderate and manageable plan for a longer term. I see this challenge as a 28 day sprint, followed by a lifetime of healthier choices. It is important to transition out of challenges in a healthy manner, you can’t just go back to the old ways.

The challenge starts on April 5, 2021. If you are ready to take control of your health and fitness, sign up today. (INSERT PAGE LINK)