About Becka

Who is Becka?

Becka is passionate about staying active, improving one’s fitness, and always seeking to increasing one’s own overall health. She acknowledges that so many different forms of exercise exist because we are not cookie cutter replicas of each other. Fitness and healthy living should be enjoyable, if you dread absolutely everything about your workout routine, you have not found the right one for you, yet.

Personally, Becka loves dancing and running relay races and just being active outdoors. Not all activity needs to be high intensity, whether it is walking through the Savannah, jogging through Central Park, or in her happy place on her Stand Up Paddle Board, sometimes it is best to be in the fresh air for a less intense movement session. You will find her participating in boot camp classes or dropping into a yoga class or working out solo in a gym or, too, because sometimes sweat is best.

You can catch Becka performing with L-Theory Collective throughout the Lake County area. Becka also is on the Grayslake Library Foundation Board, so you can catch her at various library functions. Their two big fundraisers are Pouring Over Pages and Escape Into Adventure. The foundation raises money for capital improvements at the library.

Becka has three children. Her oldest is in the army, currently stationed in Colorado Springs. Her younger two are very involved in the Grayslake community, in a variety of activities. You may catch her at any number of events from a band concert to a circus show, a wrestling tournament to a Grayslake princess event, even from a football game to goat cuddling at Kamin’s Farm Sanctuary.

Along with being active, eating well is important to one’s overall health. If there was one right way to eat, someone would be very rich and we would be cookie cutter images of each other. Yes, the more “real” food you eat, generally speaking the better. Becka believes in meeting people in their current season of life, without a goal of perfection. Having been diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases, Becka understands on a personal level that what may be healthy for one person is not always the best option for another person. Food may be fuel and not fun, but that doesn’t mean it has to taste bland.