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Healthy and happy go hand in hand. And the opposite of happy is unhappy, not depression. You don't become healthy at a certain size or way of living. You make choices and instantly start becoming happy and healthy. Your mental health has a key role in your physical health.

My top goal for 2015 was to get into the best heath of my life. Tough goal when […]

Reflecting on 2015

I've been mindful this year. Next year I will be more intentional. It has been great to be on a journey to improving myself as I am improving more than just myself along the way.

We hosted thanksgiving breakfast for my family yesterday, and then went to my in laws for dinner. It […]

Thanksgiving Reflections

your perspective can be a game changer. focus on the changes you need to make to be healthy. weight loss is not the end goal. the goal is to be healthy from the inside out and your weight is only one part of it.

Why are some people successful in weight loss? What makes some thrive in adversity? It is all about […]

Gearing Up For Change

I have several people contact me every week because they want help. Motivation to work out, accountability in […]

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