Lies versus Truths

Have you ever stopped to think about the lies that you are telling yourself? Have you said them so often and for so long that you believe them to be true?

I teamed up with Anela, a fellow trainer, to lead a group to 8 weeks to healthier, happier holidays. She said something in the group last week that really resonated with me. She was talking about the lies we tell ourselves versus the truth.

Lie #1 I don’t want to deprive myself.

Truth #1 Eating unhealthy food deprives me from the most precious gift…health

Lie #2 I don’t have time to exercise or prepare healthy food

Truth #2 I can always make time for what is important to me. It is about priorities.

Lie #3 But it is the holidays

Truth #3 There will always be a reason to fall into unhealthy habits; it is always a holiday, a birthday, or some other stressful occasion.

It is so true, we tell ourselves little lies as we rationalize living below our potential. A lot of research has been done, as of late, to the habits of highly successful people. They meditate, work out, and devote time to planning out their days. It can really be everyone’s template for a healthy life in general. And really, our end goal is not just to lose weight, our ultimate goal is to be happy and healthy, weight loss is just a tool that gets us closer. I feel I’m constantly preaching healthy lifestyle over the dieter mentality, and these lies versus truths really illustrate the difference in point of view.

It is also true that everything we do is a choice, and our choices reflect our priorities. Don’t have the energy to wake up early for exercise, try not watching your five shows before bed. You need to do too many things and your afternoon walk doesn’t happen, try scheduling it in like a doctor’s appointment. You can’t afford to eat healthy, then look at the junk food budget and see what you can eliminate there.

The key is not to prioritize what is on your schedule but to schedule your priorities. Stephen Covey

Covey speaks volumes there. When you write a to do list of items that will take 6 hours to complete, and only have 3 hours of free time, you need to prioritize what is on that list. But when you schedule meal prep, meditation, and work out time into your day, your free time is then truly free time and you don’t need to prioritize what will get accomplished. When was the last time you sat down and scheduled out your must dos on a calendar? Keep those appointments as gold, and fill in the time in between with other things that should get done. You will find that you are not too busy. You will actually feel productive and accomplished. When you feel great about yourself physically, it will carry over to other aspects of your life as well. Then your overall healthiness will improve. So, what will you be scheduling into your day tomorrow that has been neglected lately?