Try v Commit

Sometimes it just seems like others have it so easy when it comes to losing weight. A few people are genetically gifted, if you will. If you actually examine people who have successfully lost weight, it comes down to commitment. They didn’t try to lose 50 pounds, they committed to making healthier choices. It’s a lifestyle is one of my favorite sayings, because it is so true. When you commit to becoming healthier, you are not as tempted by the beer and cake and pretzels with cheese on the weekends. Please don’t read that I am saying you must eat healthy 100% of the time. It is more than a “trying to make healthy choices Monday through Friday” though. Otherwise, you derail all your hard work every weekend. We are in a time where FOMO is an actual thing. You haven’t heard yet of FOMO? It means, Fear Of Missing Out. For real? Being healthy is not about missing out on a piece of cake. It means being healthy enough to work and take care of kids and to not spend your days at a gazillion doctor visits and taking multiple prescriptions.

At one point in my life, I used the excuse of not seeing my kiddo enough as why I didn’t work out. Yet, when you say it out loud, it doesn’t even sound right. A child watching a parent get healthy, eat good food, and being active every day is a great example of work ethic, of self love, of commitment. Who doesn’t want to teach their kids to be all of that? I love that working out is such a part of my life, my clients lives, my family’s life, that my little kids think it is normal to work out. It should be normal. Don’t try to get a work out in, commit to being active.

So tell me, are you trying or committing? What can you do today to change your try to commit?