How to Become a Morning Exerciser

I think that sometimes people are night owls, and they think they should work out before work. If that is you, stop reading now. You have to really want to change to be successful at change. If you are truly a night owl, you can work out at night.

Our lives are built upon habits, and the best way to break a bad habit is to create a new habit. Waking up starts the night before. So, turn off the tv and put your phone in another room on Do Not Disturb. If your goal is exercise, lay out your clothes and plan your work out. Change your mindset. Before crawling into bed, think about how great you will feel about yourself once you have completed a work out. Skip the thoughts of how exhausted you are, all the work you have to do, or how you will only get X hours of sleep.

Set a goal that works for you. It may be to wake at 5 AM every day, or 4 days a week. You may text a picture of your clock to a friend, or pay a trainer for morning work outs.

What habits have you created to successfully wake up? If you haven’t mastered the habit of waking early to work out, what habits are you going to try? Drop your answer in the comments.