New 6 Week Challenge

In just 9 short weeks, summer will officially be here! I, for one, love summer. The long, sunny days spent outside. My youngest two kids love to eat outside, at every opportunity, while the big one likes to go fishing in the early morning hours.

Summer means hot weather, and less coverage with clothes. Sometimes, I think that the scale needs to be thrown away, we can obsess over a number, self sabotage our progress and punish our downfalls. Feeling good in your own skin, or in a tee shirt in jeans, can be a great goal. If you have lost significant amounts of weight, it can be hard to see yourself in the mirror as anything but what you saw before the weight loss, which is why wearing clothes in the mirror can help with your confidence.

So often, there is this a push to get bikini ready for summer, and let’s face it, bikini season isn’t for everyone. My goal this year is to help you get tank top ready. Our upper arms can cause a bit of a hang up with ourselves. We will work total body still, with an emphasis on functional movements. You will have a meal plan to follow, in addition to the boot camp classes. We will chat during the process, to make sure you are staying on plan, and making time to work out. You will not only see weight loss, but you will feel confident as you go out this summer in your tank top!

If you have questions, feel free to reach out via email or drop a comment here.