Where is your motivation?

I have been doing some unofficial research, looking for the motivation question answer. We are not all wired the same, so we will not all work the same way. Some of us are internally motivated, all we have to do is say we are committing, and it can be considered done. Others need to be held accountable externally, by someone else. Knowing how you operate will tremendously help you figure out how to set goals to make them more achievable. I have mentioned it before, but Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies quiz is really helpful in determining what type of person you are.

Sometimes, though, the answer is a little simpler. Just do it, and don’t give yourself a way out. How do I get up at such an early time in the morning? When my alarm goes off, I just jump out of bed. Otherwise, snooze, shutting off the alarm, or saying “Just 5 more minutes” will keep me in bed much longer than anticipated. When you have a party at your house, even though you are so busy, you just get the cooking and cleaning done. When you are leaving for vacation, you just get the suitcases packed.

When it comes to things like meal planning, the key is simple. You make a plan too elaborate then your grocery budget is blown, you will spend hours in the kitchen all week, and if it is not food you normally make  you find yourself not wanting the plan. Instead of spending hours on pinterest, pull out a piece of paper and pen and just start writing.

When it comes to working out, having a reason helps. Goals should have end dates, but once you reach a maintenance phase, you need to have more of a lifestyle goal. You don’t reach a magical finish line once you achieve your weight loss goals, you still need to stay healthy. I am constantly in search of new fitness challenges that I want to complete.

Which brings me to the next point, want vs should. If you think you should follow a plan, lose weight, or get healthy, you are not setting yourself up for success. You need to want to try the challenge, lifestyle change, routine, etc. I have done so many challenges the last 15 months when it comes to eating and working out. I have to say, the ones that I thought should be fun, I was not as successful with. I didn’t want to take on the challenge.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Jim Ryun

When you look to set goals for yourself, challenge yourself to create habits. Maybe eating  salad every day for lunch doesn’t appeal to you, but can you eat 2 salads a week? Maybe you can’t commit to a 30 day of yoga practice in 30 days, but can you complete it in 45 days? It creates that habit that you do eat salad, or you do exercise regularly, without setting the expectation that you always do something. Unless your job is to exercise, it is hard to never miss a day, and you can create a habit even while skipping a day here and there. Now, some people need to commit to never skipping a day at first to create the habit. So, again, you need to know yourself. Can you create the habit and then sometimes miss, or can you create the habit while sometimes missing?

How about you? How do you find motivation? What methods work for you when it comes to goal setting? Drop your thoughts in the comments.