Not the Year I Envisioned

I had some high hopes for 2016. I don’t even think I realized how lofty my goals actually were when I planned out my year. Just goes to show you that you cannot plan for life, because your contingency plan is far more important that what you want to have happen. Back in 2015 I set the goal to get in the best shape of my life, and I really feel that I accomplished that. I feel great, and I like the way I look, and my energy is fantastic. So as the year turned to 2016, I wanted to maintain my health while working towards a new running adventure. I am a member of a Ragnar Relay Chicago team, and have been assigned Runner #7. I need to submit my 10K pace by mid April, so they can determine my team’s start time. During the Hot Chocolate, my 5K splits got progressively slower. So, I was determined to maintain my first split for the whole Ragnar. Seems great, right? I can already run the distance, just need to work on my speed, and build the endurance to run 3 legs in 36 hours. And then I had a stress fracture in my foot to start the year. Here we are, a quarter way through the year, and I am attempting to comeback after an illness. I really struggled just getting through each day last week, let alone manage any adult responsibilities. I got better, yet worse, each day for 5 days. Then I really started to recover this weekend.  As Sunday drew to a close, I decided I would try to walk and jog this morning. Last nite though, I could not fall asleep. I kept looking at the clock, as the time crept later and later. Then my alarm went of this morning, and I started my morning meditation and stretching. Only my back was really tight, and my eyelids were really heavy, and I never made it for that run.

They say the hardest part about working out, is starting again.

It is so true, isn’t it? I always say, just stop stopping. That isn’t always so easy though. I got very comfortable sleeping last week, like multiple naps every day comfortable, and something about 330 this morning just didn’t happen. I have dance tonite, so I will be getting to bed late. Tuesdays are always hard days to wake up, mostly because Monday nights are so long. I don’t have motivation on my side, either, as I didn’t exactly get up and out the door this morning. But every day is a new chance to try again. To do better and be better than the day better, or to build on the momentum of being better and doing better of the day before. Life flows in such wonderful, powerful cycles. I am glad that I have learned to listen to my body and rest when needed, and I am learning how to get back out there faster after setbacks. After all, I have a 10K pace to submit this week, and I can’t do that from under the covers of my bed. What do you do to get back in the groove after a setback?