Back 2 Fit

For many of us, back to school brings changes. Some people are heading back to work, or to a new work. A lot of us are back to school, sometimes ourselves, sometimes our children, and more frequently both us and our children. If you have students, or are a student you have homework to complete. Maybe your household is about to start waking up earlier. Or maybe you are going into a spot that will keep you up later than before. Most people resist change. We are comfort creatures of habit, and change throws off our homeostasis.

If you are a stress eater, or a give-it-up-when-the-going-gets-tough, stop and identify your triggers. Find another was to deal with your stress. Can you go for a walk? Can you talk it out with a friend?  Can you take some control back by controlling the amount of water you drink, or the food you are consuming?

Being an all or nothing is not the best way to be. So often, if you just give a little, more will fall into place. When you fall off the work out wagon, don’t try to jump back on where you were. Start with 10 minutes a day, and build on each little success you have.

A favorite quote of mine, throwing away your healthy plan because you slipped once is like smashing your phone because you cracked the screen.

I am a huge fan of food journaling. Not exactly the calorie counting coming in My Fitness Pal, or point counting in Weight Watchers, or even tracking macros. Old fashioned pen and paper, write down what you ate and how you feel. It is really an eye opening experience. Are you feeling tired at lunch and snacking recklessly in the afternoon? Are you feeling stuffed at lunch and still overeating at dinner? Writing down how you are feeling with your food intake helps bring triggers to light. Are you eating because you are stressed, or are you stressed by what you ate?  It is hard to correct behavior before you realize your triggers.

My challenge to you is to start a food and mood log. Use it for one day or seven. Let me know what you learn about yourself and how it works for you in the comments.