Becka the Pocket Trainer

Do you ever wish you could have me in your pocket? You know, for the times you are opening the fridge after dinner. Or when you are in the house waiting for motivation to strike to head to the gym. Well, I have the next best thing coming soon!

I am starting a program called Becka the Pocket Trainer. We are starting on Facebook, so you will need to have an account. You can actually download an app on your smart phone or tablet called Facebook for Groups, and never have to go onto your new feed. What happens in this group? We share our meal plans and/or food logs. I host question and answer sessions. I post daily tidbits of information to help you on your journey to health. And I record a work out video, with modifications, every week.

What do you do? You post your food, your questions, your own insight along the way, and check in after completing the work out.

I have tried to strip down the process, as there seems to be this culture of perfect lately. Perfect is not the goal. The goal is progress, the goal is healthier, the goal is the best version of yourself.

I always say if there was one correct way to work out and to eat healthy, everyone would read the same book. Instead, there is a wide variety of thoughts and opinions. It can get overwhelming trying to navigate the muddy water of clean eating and smart work outs. Why not give your all into a method, see what works, and tweak the rest?

Right now, I have a beta group testing the program. We are taking names waiting list style for the program. It will be run on a month to month basis. The goal is to start the next group October 1st, but we don’t have an official registration page yet. So, if you would like to receive updates from me on when you can sign up, or if you have questions on the program, feel free to drop me an email, and just put Pocket Trainer in the subject line.