Falls and Races

I am super excited that race day is approaching! I have trained more than I have ever before, which is necessary when I have never ran this far before. I am taking Grace and Jack to the expo on Saturday, we are meeting a friend too. I have never attended such a large race expo, so I am excited to browse around with all the vendors. I am in the market for new gloves, so I am hoping to find some with an expo deal. I just bought new gloves, so why do I need new ones? Well, you all should know that I am a klutz, plain and simple. I fell this week running, again! I kind of skid along the sidewalk, ripped a hole in each of my new under armor running gloves. I luckily didn’t tear my pants or get road rash. I have a small cut on one hand. I usually just run on the street, but this particular stretch of road is a gravel shoulder, and I didn’t have my headlamp. I figured the sidewalk was therefore safer, lesson learned. My back and abs are killing me today, and I fell yesterday. I am hopeful that Friday’s run will feel good, but I don’t force any problems. My only real “pain” is when I touch the cut or my shirt rubs against it. I mostly keep a band aid on it during the day, so I don’t graze it with a sleeve.
I can’t decide if I am tripping over sidewalk cracks or if I get lazy and don’t pick my feet up all the way. Anyone else trip on their runs? I’m falling monthly, it seems.