Healthy Living

As you know, I have a million reasons why you should work out. Weight loss isn’t a main reason, however. Weight loss is really more about a lifestyle and what you eat.
The best way to change what you eat is to begin by recording what you do eat. Portions, condiments, drinks, snacks, it all adds up. Sometimes, it adds up to not enough calories. Once you know what you are eating, you need to start planning to ensure you make healthier options. Weight loss and being healthy isn’t all or nothing, start making changes and don’t worry about if it is the best or the right choice. Just needs to be better than last week.
To be healthy from the inside out, you need to be active. Just make 20 minutes a day and make it happen. You can do anything, find something you like. You also need to be aware of your mental health. Happy people are healthy people. The opposite of happy is unhappy, not depressed. If you are depressed, seek medical attention. If you are unhappy, journal, read self help books, find ways to be happier.
Seek accountability. Find a group of friends, or like goal-ed strangers. I am here for you too. Often, I have people start message threads or private groups and add me. I have no problem making sure everyone is on the right track.
Get quality sleep! Studies have shown than less than 7 hours a night hinders weight loss attempts. Over 9 hours, however, is linked to increased incidence of obesity. Have a bedtime routine, to wind yourself down before you hit the pillow. Scrolling IG, Facebook, or twitter as you lay on your pillow does not promote quality sleep patterns.
There is something to be said for faking it until you make it. Can’t decide if ranch dressing or cottage cheese is a better option? Just pick one and be confident in your decision. Do you feel like you look fat in your clothes? Just act that you already are fit, and before you know it you will be fit. By acting fit, you will find yourself making time to exercise, taking the stairs, and just getting more steps into a day. By modeling the behavior of fit people, you will improve your own fitness level. You will not become healthy when you get to some magical weight, so begin acting like you are healthy already. Bam! You are now living healthy.
This isn’t an easy process, or a quick process. So start loving yourself today. Celebrate every minor accomplishment. Care enough about yourself to give yourself a better life.