Back in the Swing of Training

I had auditions last month, for Fear No Art 2016, and I was placed in 2 pieces. I am super excited, as they are both very different for me. The one is a straight up jazz piece, with an  umbrella. The other is more contemporary and requires some acting/emotion, which is so out of my comfort zone. I am gonna do it great though! Both my pieces rehearse at night, and so I have 2 late nites and consequently 2 hard mornings. I started to run again, but I found myself struggling. If I go on Monday and Wednesday, it makes for VERY long days. Yet Tuesday and Thursday are so hard to get up early. Which leaves me with the weekend. I have convinced myself Friday is hard because Mike is finally home. And Saturday is hard because I like to sleep until 6. Then Sunday I want to sleep until 7. Well, that is just crazy. So, I am going to not sleep in Sunday, and Monday and Wednesday I will take an afternoon rest as needed to keep up with the day. The fam gave me a gift certificate to a local yoga studio, and I have been going there on Saturdays. I am still doing my own boot camp work out at least once a week as well. Writing this all out makes me feel a lot better. I was totally feeling like I have been slacking, but even with only the 1 or 2 days of running I was getting in, that is still great amounts of activity.

This week will be my first week of back to 100%. I started with a 3 mile run this morn. I will run again Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I dance tonite and Wednesday nite,  my work out is scheduled for Thursday, and Saturday has been my go to yoga day. I had my Ragnar team meeting yesterday, so I am extra motivated to get back out there. My foot feels great, and my lungs stopped burning after the first couple days. The days are getting lighter longer, which always helps in the energy department, so I am hopeful that I can stick with this plan. My dance show is the end of April, so I will be able to step up my running and cross training in May. With my walk and relay both in June, it will be perfect timing.

“Work your plan or plan to fail”.

It is so easy to stick to a training plan when I have committed to an activity, or in this case three of them. I find the planning and scheduling gratifying. Not to mention that it helps make sure I keep up with my food intake. I consume so many calories, it would be easy to slack on the water or grab junk, but I need the energy so I keep at it. I have noticed that I don’t even need to think about how much water I drink when I run first thing in the morning. I am so thirsty all day, and then at dance I drink a lot of water too. Looks like I will be extra hydrated on Mondays and Wednesdays for the next 6 weeks or so.

In  the spirit of spring around the corner, what are you working on growing in your life? Do you have a solid meal and activity plan? Is there an event that is keeping your motivated?