Gearing Up For Change

Why are some people successful in weight loss? What makes some thrive in adversity? It is all about the change in perspective. Change can be a great catalyst for bigger and better. Changes lead to the unknown and that scares people more than it should. I always say that if you want to lose weight to see a lower number on the scale you will struggle more. Same is true in many aspects of life. You really need to be the change you want to see. Dali Lama was so wise in those words. Healthy is not a place you arrive when the scale reads a magic number. It is a way of living that you base all your decisions around each and every day. When you slip up, dust yourself off and make a better choice the next time.

If you are lacking the motivation, I implore you to do it anyhow. If you sit at home on the couch waiting to get motivated to work out, you will never work out. If you throw your work out clothes on, put you gym back in the car, you will be more inclined to drive to the gym. Upon arrival, you have been leaning into motivation, and motivation may appear. Otherwise, work out anyhow. You will feel so good about yourself after the fact. The last couple days I have really struggled with waking up in the morning. I have missed 2 days of working out because of it all. I am disappointed that I seem so tired. I am not trying to convince myself to get up, that is a battle you will rarely win. Tomorrow, no matter what time I go to bed tonite, I will get up and run before boot camp. I am not going to wait until I feel like I have gotten caught back up on my sleep. I am going to get out there before my body realizes I took some time off.

Where can you make healthier choices today, before you fit your own definition of a picture of health?