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What can you accomplish in a day? What determines a successful day for you? You really can do anything you set your mind to. Your life doesn't have to ever look like my life, but maybe we can still inspire and motivate each other. If you are truly doing your best, you will genuinely want to help others do their best as well.

Thought I would give you all a little sneak peak into a day in the life of Beck, […]

A Day in The Life

Not everyone likes to set goals. Mostly because a lot of people fail to take action on their goals. Some people have a hard time determining who or what they want to be and accomplish in an entire year. Your goals can change and grow during the year as you change and grow, as long as you are making time to re-evaluate and are taking action to achieve your goals. Inaction on goals creates broken dreams.

It is time for many to think about resolutions and new goals and changing lifestyles. It is a […]


Healthy and happy go hand in hand. And the opposite of happy is unhappy, not depression. You don't become healthy at a certain size or way of living. You make choices and instantly start becoming happy and healthy. Your mental health has a key role in your physical health.

My top goal for 2015 was to get into the best heath of my life. Tough goal when […]

Reflecting on 2015

Falling and ripping holes in my new gloves the week of a race is never good. But I feel great, regardless. I have prepared well and feel great. Now if the sidewalk would stop tripping me up.

I am super excited that race day is approaching! I have trained more than I have ever before, […]

Falls and Races

Running is like a drug these days for me. I am able to clear my mind, my joints don't ache. I feel strong and accomplished. It is hard to get out of bed though. Man, do I struggle with waking up the last week or so,

It is starting to become real that I am actually running a 15K race. This weekend will be […]

Race Day is Coming!