Race Day is Coming!

It is starting to become real that I am actually running a 15K race. This weekend will be my 8 mile run. I have never ran 8 miles before. I need to be finished by 7 AM, so I will be up dark and early. As it gets colder, it gets harder for me to want to get out of my warm bed to go run. My secret? I sleep in my pants and bra. All I need to do is throw on deodorant and a shirt. Then I hop on the floor for my 15 minutes of stretching. I am going to be picking out a new storage bin for all my cold and dark running gear too. Running feels good, but I know part of that reason is that I’m not fully pushing myself on the time. That is going to start changing after the 15K. I signed up for the 11 minute coral, as I know that is a pace I can maintain. For the Ragnar relay next year, I would like to be a sub 10 average. I know I can sustain that for short distance, I just worry about the longer distance and maintaining the pace.

My weekend away was quite the disruption in my eating habits as well. I am back on track though, with a few pounds to take back off. It is amazing how your body starts to crave the bad stuff again so quickly. The food was good, don’t get me wrong. But I am starting to regret the fact that I went so far off plan. It is hard to get yourself centered again. Kind of like when I tell people to just keep working out, picking yourself back up is not easy. The more I eat off plan, the less I want to drink water too. Somehow, the healthy food makes me crave more water. The change in weather has not helped my water consumption at all. Yesterday was 30 some degrees when I ran, and that does not have me downing water when I get back. Today should be in the 70s, which will greatly help. I am going to rewrite my day so that I can get out for a run with the littles in the stroller. I will be going for distance and not time, pushing 60 pounds of kids is no joke. I know some mamas can keep their speed up with a stroller, I take my hat off to them.

How is your running going? What struggles are you working through? What successes are you celebrating?