Motivation? How about rinse and repeat!

I have definitely written more on the topic of motivation than any other topic in the short life of my blog. It seems to always come up, and so I keep writing about it. We just completed the 31 Day Summer Time Slim Down Challenge where I sent a little blurb out with each day. The day that got the most response from people? You guessed it, the one I wrote on motivation.
Why do some people have such a problem when it comes to motivation? I think it is because some people are waiting for the motivation to hit them over the head. Motivation doesn’t work that way, though. You need to create the force behind momentum. Newton taught us that an object in motion stays in motion, so just get yourself moving.
There is no perfect plan, there is no perfect time, there is no guilt. Make a choice, give it time to work, and then judge if it is the right plan for you or not.
Zig Ziglar has a quote that motivation doesn’t last, and neither does showering. That is why it is recommended daily. The nice thing about momentum, once you make a healthy choice, it makes the next healthy choice a little easier to make.
Are you showering daily? So why aren't you motivating daily?

Motivation gets a bad rap by those who sit around waiting for it to hit them in the face. You really just need to break it down to a smaller level. Each choice you make is a chance to be healthy or not healthy, and while the end goal is not to always make a perfect healthy choice, you need to make the choices in line with the person you want to be. I have often said I’m glad Grace hasn’t seen me needing to lose weight. She sees me eating healthy because it is good for my body, and she sees me working out because it too is good for my body. It makes it easier to help her have a healthy body image, and to make healthy food and activity choices for all the right reasons. I’ve recently been using (someone’s else’s, I’m sure) the quote, You don’t need motivation, you need discipline. And man, if that doesn’t smack you in the face. It really is the disciplined people that seem to do so well. In the weight loss world, they meal plan, they prep lunches for the week, they skip cocktails with co-workers for their work out. If you really get down to it, they aren’t more motivated, they are disciplined and just keep making the next right choice. Making those choices will often lead to motivation and some feel good feelings, which helps us to keep making the next right choice.
What have you been waiting for the motivation to do? How will you use discipline to make the right choices to reach that goal with or without motivation?