Heating up for July!

July is typically a month that really heats up around the midwest. So I have set some goals myself to heat things up. Sadly, July is off to a cool and rainy start, but it won’t derail me from what I’m looking to achieve.

In June, I walked the Avon Breast Cancer Walk the first weekend. It was just walking, but it was 39.3 miles. I knew that I would take a week or so off after the walk, and didn’t want to stress over too much training the remaining time. After my week off, I still had almost 3 full weeks. So I set a running goal of 20 miles, which was totally doable in 2-3 mile stints. A friend posted she has a goal of running 65 miles in July. I have decided that is manageable, but will push me. I have agreed to the same number for July. I got 2 miles on Saturday, and am hoping to run 3-5 miles at a time. Let’s get running!

Mike is working from home this week and wanted to get back to the very first paleo plan we ever did. It was a little, different, yet we enjoyed the food. I asked if he wanted to do whole 30 instead, and he agreed. I picked recipes last nite, made a list this morning, and will go shopping this afternoon. Tonite’s dinner will be the start of our week plan. Luckily, I eat fairly clean and it won’t be too much of a shock to my body to follow the plan.

I have a super busy month, so I have not committed past the 7 days. I feel this will become the summer of crockpot meals and instant pot masterpieces. Maybe I will look up some whole30 instant pot recipes to stay the course.

Boot camp has been heating up this month too! We are stepping up the cardio, to have an increase in intensity and calorie burns for a bit. Strength, endurance, and muscle tone all have their cycles here at boot camp. It just happens to be an endurance kind of time. The tire has taken up near permanent residence in the driveway. Yet, with all the rain, it has not seen it’s full potential of use.

The Pocket Trainer program is heating up the accountability. We are taking a new look at our food choices, amount of food intake, and even water and sleep quality. All have imperative roles to weight loss and healthy living.

What are you doing for July? We’d love to have you along for the ride, even in just the comments here. Needing to step up the commitment, find us on Facebook in the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge group page. We share work outs and recipes, and have general accountability for those not ready, or those not needing, the paid kind of support and accountability that is offered through boot camp and the pocket trainer.