A Day in The Life

Thought I would give you all a little sneak peak into a day in the life of Beck, just for fun.

I am the type of person that needs to be on the go, at all times. However, I have come to find the importance of productivity and clearing out my schedule for the people most important to me. I do not want friends to say, I’d of asked you for help, but you are always so busy. That makes my heart sad.

It’s Monday, and it is really important for me to start my work week on the right foot. My week day wake up time is typically 330. I spend the first 30 minutes stretching, listening to a meditation, and filling out the 5 minute journal. Then at 4, I get ready to run. Depending on how fast I move, determines how far/long I run for. Then there are Mondays like today, where I remember my alarm going off, but my feet did not hit the floor. I woke up late, and so I didn’t run at all. (Side note, I have a sleep disorder, and I often times have rough nights of sleep. It is interesting to see what my polar says about my sleeping, I have very restless sleep on the nights I wake up late/feeling un-rested. This morning was one of those mornings where I felt I hadn’t slept. It is a fine line between listening to your body and not giving in to too many excuses.)

After I finish my run, it is time to get ready for boot camp! I write my work outs 6 weeks at a time, and we repeat the workouts once, for a 3 month cycle. Getting ready involves cleaning the floor, putting away random weights left out, and writing the new work out on the white board. We start at 5 AM with a warm up, and go until about 545.

I belong to a mentoring group, and my mentor hosts a devotional at 6 AM. So, as everyone leaves from boot camp, I call into the devotional and mute myself. Then I grab a book, and bring the dog into the backyard. Pippa runs around, as I read for a few minutes. I put the book down when the devotional starts, and head back in when the call ends.

I come inside and spend some time writing, looking at my vision board, and reading my affirmations, which concludes my savers for The Miracle Morning, which is a book by Hal Elrod. The rest of my 6 o clock hour consists of a variety of things including listening to a podcast, catching up on social media, walking Pippa, and today, cooking breakfast for the kids.

At 7, my next boot camp starts, so it is back to the garage for another 45 minutes or so. After boot camp, I am usually famished and rush back inside to eat. (Sometimes, I do eat around 630, just depends on the day). Then, I shower and change out of sweaty work out clothes before heading to the grocery store.

Our trip to the grocery store is pretty habitual at this point. We start in the produce section. Things I bought this week include: avocado, broccoli slaw, spinach, shredded brussel sprouts, bananas, apples, garlic, mushrooms, cabbage based salad “mix”, oranges, lemons, and limes. Then we head to the meat department, where I get the kids bacon, my ground turkey, and this week I got a pork tenderloin, pizza sausage, and some turkey burger patties. Then it is along the back wall to grab pepperoni, creamer, eggs, milk, cold brew coffee, and kefir. I skipped the frozen veggie and fruits this week, but I did make a trip down the chip aisle…for a jar of salsa. The next aisle I went down was for my bedtime tea. Lastly, I went down the first aid section for band aids. Grace chose the Rapunzel ones, and Jack didn’t object, so that made it easy.

Grace was invited to play at a friend’s, so we dropped her off. Once we came home, I picked some celery from the garden, and got started on the egg roll in a bowl. It will be lunch the rest of the week. I also realized I hadn’t eaten yet, so I made the end of my thawed red flannel hash, and added in some brussel sprouts, more mushrooms, and some ground turkey. I was hungry, and it wasn’t quite a serving of the hash left.

Jack rode his scooter, and I walked Pippa to pick up some second hand legos. It was at a house about a mile away, and I am embarrassed to say it took us almost 40 minutes round trip. We stopped at the creek, twice, and had a couple falls along the way. It definitely wasn’t an exercise speed, that is for sure.

We came home, put Pippa in her kennel, and grabbed Grace from her friend’s. We headed to my friend’s house, so I could walk her dog. Yes, I totally sometimes bring my dog to save myself some time, but I had extra time today. When we came home, Jack was asleep and Grace was tired. So I had let her play on her tablet, and I put my own head down. I am mindful when I don’t get a good night’s sleep, and when I will be up late, and both are true for today.

I got up around 2 and started to work on the computer. Since I had no one coming at 3, I was able to take some breaks to play with the kids. I also needed to make them lunch, since I ate breakfast so late. It is now 430, and the kids just walked out the front door. I need to wrangle them into the backyard, so I can grill dinner (chicken and asparagus), before boot camp at 5.

Then, Grace and I will hustle over to a local bank for her pageant practice. It is from 6-9, which is why we both had quiet time today. I will bring my dinner, since she will eat during boot camp. I have also re-committed to my bedtime routine, so I will bring my bed time tea. I will drink it as I write out my time block for tomorrow, just like I do when I am home.

When we get home, Grace and I will race to put on pjs and then brush our teeth. She will get one quick story, and off to bed she will go. Luckily, Tyler is already done with his homework, so I can touch base with him quickly. He has lifting at the high school tomorrow at 6, so we will both be off to bed shortly after we finish chit chatting.

What does your day look like? If you work a normal 9-5, how can you squeeze in some movement? Is it possible for you to work while listening to podcasts or audiobooks?