Motivation and Healthy Habits

In mentoring, we have talked about motivation and what to do when you lose it. I find the subject of motivation so interesting. Some people are intrinsically motivated, while others are driven extrinsically. Some people respond to reward, while others push harder with consequences. Knowing what gets you going is helpful in learning how to best get yourself motivated.

The best advice, for me, is to just do it. And you will feel motivated when you have completed the task. My mentor, Pamela Crim, says to just do it and you will “feel like it” by the time you are 75% through. In terms of being healthy, getting it all written down removes the need for motivation for me. I write a meal plan, then a grocery list. Even if I don’t “feel like” cooking a healthy meal: the food is paid for, the food will go bad, and it is a no brainer what I am supposed to be making. It erases any desire to just order food. I have started working out every day again. I just needed to write down in my planner my work outs for the week, and BAM! I get them in every morning. For me, it isn’t about motivation, I have created the habit.

Why can I write it down and do it while others struggle so mightily? Writing this blog post got me researching, and I came across some great information. Gretchen Rubin wrote The Happiness Project. I read it earlier this year. I loved it and recommend it to those that want to be happier, even those that are happy but know they could be more grateful with the little things in life. I discovered that she released a new book this year, called Better Than Before. She has a podcast for both topics on iTunes as well. Better Than Before is all about creating habits and knowing yourself. Rubin created four tendencies, they are your response to expectations. In order to set yourself up for success in your goal writing, you need to know your tendency. I so agree with what she says. I am an upholder, which goes perfectly with me scheduling and getting it done.

Lonnie (Pamela’s husband) always says, know thyself. So what are you waiting for? Take this quiz. Share your results in the comments here and I can help get you to create healthy habits to achieve your goals.