Motivate Daily

What motivates you and drives you? Some people work out because it feels great, others do it to feel great after. Some people find paying money motivates them to show up, others just need to know a friend is waiting. Motivation comes and goes, so you need to continually find ways to motivate and challenge and drive yourself. When you find your motivation lacking, who is your support system? Everyone needs a cheerleader in their life. At some point we all need a swift kick in the rear too.

Motivation can come in the form of reward or consequence. Much like, if I work out, I will look great in my jeans and if I don’t work out, I will be resigned to sweats. If I follow my meal plan all week, I will get a manicure and if I skip a work out, I will pay a dollar.

Zig Ziglar has a great line about how motivation is like a shower. It doesn’t last and must be repeated daily. To motivate yourself, you need to look at yourself externally and internally.

Money is often the great motivator. Whether you are making money, spending money, saving money, having money, needing money.

I’m not so passionate about money or material things. It is nice to not worry about paying the bills, but work to me is more about helping people help themselves. Letting the kids take classes and sports is great, but I could spend my days outside with them if we didn’t have the money. I work out and take care of myself so that I can be an example, for my children and my clients.

Sometimes your motivation source will determine your success level. If your motivation is to look great in your jeans, once you slip a little, you may slide a lot. I’m already in sweats, what difference is a L from 2XL. I’ve already skipped twice this week, why not cancel the rest of the week?