Which meal plan is right for you? The one you follow!

Some of my most successful clients are counting macros instead of total calories these days. It is a system that was made popular among body builders. The plan is If It Fits Your Macros. When I help clients calculate total calories, I use their Basal Metabolic Rate with the Harris-Benedict Formula. The IIFYM calculator also uses the Harris-Benedict Formula, for the obese looking to lose weight, with Total Daily Energy Expenditure. The calories come out slightly higher, thou that hasn’t hindered weight loss success. It comes to roughly 40% each protein and carb with 20% fat.

Another section of them are taking off the weight with carb cycling. The most common plan is Chris Powell’s Basic Plan. You eat every three hours. Each meal has a protein and a veggie. The high carb days each include a carb, other than vegetable. The low carb days have a fat at each meal.

The key to their success? The plan fits their life, their life fits the plan. I am a fan of following a plan as written, give it w chance to work. Then you need to make changes according to your lifestyle. For example, I loosely follow Paleo. I’m not strict, thou I try to stay true 80% of the time. I have things like protein powder a rice a little more often than other items, like store bought bbq sauce and carrots. Remember when you choose to stray from your plan, no guilt allowed. This is a lifestyle and not a temporary diet.

My mentor likes to point out that we usually don’t have a knowing problem, we have a doing problem. When you are ready to embark on a new healthy eating journey, you do not need to read 10 books and prepare your cupboards before you start. Have a general knowledge and take the first step. As you read the books, check your labels, adjust your shopping, you will begin to perfect your plan. Progress, not perfection.

Happy, healthy eating!

There are so many diet plans and lifestyle plans out there. Often times, the information can seem conflicting. How should you go about picking one style of eating over another? You need to make sure it fits your lifestyle and that your body responds positively to the changes.