Choices Made

They say you get out what you put in. They say it is gonna take all you’ve got. They say it isn’t easy but it is worth it. They couldn’t be more right. You can have all the best cook books, read up on programming for exercise and have resources on avoiding sugar and GMOs. None of it will do you any good if you don’t act on your knowledge. What separates those who want to be healthy from those who are healthy? The choices each individual makes.

Whether you want to be a size 10, weigh 150 pounds,  or get off your hypertension medications, you need to change today. It starts with one choice. Broccoli instead of fries, going for a run instead of watching television, drinking water over juice. Once you make one healthy choice, make another, and again, until your choices become habit.

I have yet to meet a person who laid out a life plan, with meals and exercises, and stuck to it for their entire life. As humans, we naturally evolve and change. You don’t need a perfect plan to be healthy, you need one choice.

On the other hand, you become healthier and healthier with every choice you make. It doesn’t matter if you are still 300 pounds, if you can’t run a mile straight, or if you don’t have 7 different breakfasts planned each week. You are making better choices than yesterday, you are actively living a healthy life.

So tell me, what one choice are you making within the next 5 minutes?