A Promise to Myself

It is easy to look at someone who is managing to maintain a healthy lifestyle and think it is easy for them.

Thoughts like, They don’t miss out when they skip the cake because they look good. It must be easy for them to schedule a workout into their day.

It is not any easier for one person to make those healthy choices. You make choices every day, and some people go through autopilot while others are deliberate in what they say and do. I keep a paper calendar. When I am doing well, I fill it out every nite before bed. Things like meals and workouts and showers are scheduled. Why? Because they are a priority to me.

Brushing my teeth is also a priority, but you won’t find that in my plan. Why? Because it is now autopilot for me to do, twice a day. I know, I put shower in though. That is because with my schedule, my workout isn’t set, and sometimes I have time to workout at one time and shower a bit later.

Gary Keller talks about your “lead domino” and it is so valuable in all aspects of life to know what your lead domino is. By knocking your lead domino out, it allows so many other aspects of your to do list to fall into pace.

One thing that I sometimes find really helpful with your lead domino, it is just one thing that you focus on. You don’t need to worry about getting a veggie on your plate at every meal, getting in all your water, and squeezing in your workout. Days you start your morning with a veggie on your plate at breakfast are the same days you get your water and workout in, no problem. Everyone’s lead domino is different though. And sometimes, it doesn’t come on the day you need it for. For me, my lead domino is my plan the night before. If I sit down to write out my schedule at night, I am that much more successful the next day. Your lead domino may be as simple as getting out of bed when your alarm first goes off. I like to think of Mel Robbins saying, 5-4-3-2-1 as she jumps out of bed to start her day. If you don’t know who she is, or her 5 second rule, check out this Ted Talk she gave.

When you decide that you want to be healthier, you don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need to research all the meal plans and find the perfect one for your body and blood type. You don’t need to read about the hundreds of different workout styles before selecting a gym or trainer. You don’t need to eat perfectly day in and day out. You don’t need to exercise every day for years. Just do better than you did yesterday. And if today is a shitty day, pick yourself up and don’t have two shitty days in a row.

Can you make a promise to yourself to start making healthy choices? They don’t have to be perfect choices. Even every choice doesn’t need to be healthy. Just better than the unhealthy you.
So, what promise will you make to yourself today?

what promise will you make to yourself? This quote is a favorite passage of mine from The Secret