Fall Into Fitness

Here in the midwest, we are getting into the full swing of fall. Meteorological fall has already happened, and even though the calendar says fall doesn’t start until September 22nd, the crazy weather swings have started. I had to turn the air conditioning back on today, since it was upper 80s and  90s this week. Last week, mid 70s all week, windows open, breeze felt nice.

Fall into fitness, can that even happen? Is fitness really something you just fall into? I think so! It takes work, yes, but it shouldn’t be a chore. I know some who answer, Why do you run? With an I hate running, but I love the way it makes me feel. That is ok, if that works for you. If you get to the point of loving the after effects.
I once listened to a Charlene Johnson podcast where she talked about finding what you loved as a child. Did you love dance? Find some classes. Did you love to run? Find a running group, or soccer club. Was swinging on the swing set your biggest joy? Maybe try some rock climbing. If you enjoyed the group aspect of tag or kickball, then you should try some fitness classes. Was your favorite part of year the week you spent at a lake? Take some aqua fitness class.

Once you find a physical activity that you really enjoy, it makes it that much easier to follow through. And if you fall out of love, there is no shame in finding a new activity.

I think the same is true for food. We all know my saying, Food is fuel not fun. BUT food is still enjoyable, not cardboard tasting. And meal time should be drawn out and enjoyed, not rushed through while multitasking.

If you do not know how to cook, there are so many options these days to learn. Watch some youtube videos, take a class, or subscribe to a meal service. Keep it simple, find a protein and veggie you can grill, bake, and cook on the stove. Viola! You know have 1 meal, made 3 ways. I think the main problem with meal planning and cooking comes from the perfection stigma. No one said that just because you meal plan means you need to make 7 different, elaborate recipes in one week. Take my week this week, Wednesday is super busy. We have kids leaving and coming at different times, so what am I serving? Leftovers! Friday, Ty is babysitting while Mike and I go to Ravinia. What do we have for the kids? Gluten free pizza, easy and fast for Ty.

Where is one place you will try to put yourself out there and fall in love with fitness this year? Of course, I’d love for that answer to be Becka’s Boot Camp, but I know that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I would much rather you love your work out and it not be with me, than you come because you feel you HAVE to do it.