2021 word of the year: reach. I will reach new heights personally and professionally this year.

It’s January 2021! How did that happen? This year I will get a double digit daughter and a […]

January 2021 musings

This March we are committing to get fit! Are you in with us?

My mentor’s husband, Lonnie Crim, always says, Know Thyself. It is from Ancient Greek, but I think of […]

Know Thyself

polar has refined it's technology over the last many years, leading to lots of me buying wearables.

Lately the news and social media have been circulating articles about how people who wear step counters don’t […]

Wearable Technology

Have you found a fitness activity that feels good? No one said you should dread working out and being fit.

Here in the midwest, we are getting into the full swing of fall. Meteorological fall has already happened, […]

Fall Into Fitness