Set a Routine


If I need to pick a platform, it just may be habits. The great thing about habits, they happen without thinking. The bad thing about habits, they aren’t so easy to create.

Newton would tell you, an object in motion stays in motion. So, your current habits will continue to remain, until you create new habits.

If you want to start a habit of exercising, just start moving. The habit will come once you get past the discipline phase of just doing it.








Take a look at the choices you make each day. Are they getting you closer to where you want to be? You need to just make one choice at a time, and if you slip up, make a better choice the next time. I recently read a book on habit stacking. He talked about starting small. Commit to flossing one tooth every day. It is easy, mindless, and before you realize it, you are flossing all your teeth, every day. The same is true for things like drinking water. Commit to drinking 4 oz every time you and up a phone, or 8 oz after every meeting.

You can start to make meal prepping as a habit. When you come home from the grocery store, toss eggs into the oven to hard boil them. Or put oatmeal on the stove when you make dinner at night.

It is hard to stop a bad habit, you will be much more successful if you replace habits. Same is true with creating habits, hello ‘I don’t have time’.

The only proper way to eliminate bad habits is to replace them with good ones.










Take a hard look around at the decisions you make each day, at your habits, what can you replace some habits with? All it takes is one choice at a time, you got this!

I have been creating habits and routines for a while now, so I thought that I would share some of mine with you. I consider my most important thing for a day is the setting up the evening before. I have a few routines around that. The first is making sure I get ready for bed on time. I brush my teeth and put on my pjs with the little kids. After they gone to bed, I come downstairs to drink my bedtime tea and write out my plan for the following day. When I go to bed on time, I am able to wake up with my alarm in the morning. I start my morning with stretches and PT exercises at 330, then I do a meditation for Silence. I follow Miracle Morning SAVERS, I just change the order to suit me. I have Exercise at 4. I teach boot camp at 5, and I need to write the work out on the board and set up equipment, but I sometimes have extra time for more SAVERS work. After boot camp is over, I listen to a live devotional call, walk Pippa (if I didn’t run with her at 4), and complete the rest of Affirmations, Visualization, Reading, and Scribing. Some of my routines seem rather silly, but they are a routine all the same, for example, I have boot camps at 7 and 9. In between boot camps is when I shower, eat breakfast, and make sure Jack is ready to go for the day.  I block out a work time, and when I am working, I listen to spotify channels for productivity and creativity, based on my tasks. I use some oils, I put Focus on my temples and diffuse Balance and Peace. Some habits are weekly, and not daily. I grocery shop on Tuesdays, and prep some on Tuesdays and some on Wednesdays. Fridays are my clean up days. I pick up the toys scattered throughout the house, sort any papers, wash any dirty dishes,and clean out my email inboxes. My evenings are different every night, but I have boot camp at 3 and after I prep dinner. That way, dinner is ready whether we eat at 430 or 630. I’d love to hear what habits serve you that you currently have, and what routines you will be the good you replace the not serving you routines with?