Journal for Your Health

Do you journal? It is great for your mental health, which makes it great for your health. It is great for your weight loss journey, which makes it great for your physical health.










I feel that quite possibly one of the most underrated activities for your soul is journaling. So I thought that I would write a bit about journaling. With my month being centered around #NewYearNewYou, I know that we can really change our lives by adding some journaling in this month. Throughout this post, I’m going to talk about ways that I journal and how you can incorporate it into your life. Please don’t feel like I’m telling you to add all of it, all at once.

When people log food, I find the most compelling portion the notes. Take a moment to include how you feel, where your energy levels are, and equip yourself with information on your triggers. .The more aware you are of what makes you tick, the better able you are to make necessary changes.

What are you recording? Try adding feelings to your food log and see what triggers and patterns you uncover.








A lot of research has been done to show the positive power of feeling gratitude. Try keeping a gratitude journal, whether you superficially write coffee or you elaborate a small essay on why you are grateful for rainy days and what it enables. You will find a momentous shift within yourself. I began my gratitude journal by simply texting a friend in the evening 3 things I was grateful for that day. Now I have gratitude journaling in 2 daily places. One is my prayer journal, which I will touch on next. The second is an app called The 5 Minute Journal. I have my app set to send a push notification every morning and evening, reminding me to complete my entry. In the morning portion, there is space for 3 things you are grateful for, and here as I write each one, I think about them. So, I don’t write a lot, but I try to really feel that sense of gratitude. It asks 3 tasks I will accomplish that day. Here is when I check over my day’s plan, and I select 3 important, must do items. Then it asks for your affirmations. I carry a list of affirmations that I read each day. So, I pull out my papers and read them. Then, the affirmations I write are more like I am statements, but come from my affirmations or something I am currently struggling with. There is space to go back in during the day and add a photo, which is a great way to remember something awesome that happened that day. In the evening prompt, you are asked for 3 things that went right and 1 thing that you could have done better. It is a great time for me to give pause to my day, and asset my day, before going on and writing the next day’s plan.

I find my prayer journal invigorating. And I know that I don’t utilize it to the best of its abilities, it is just all that I need right now. When people ask me to pray for someone, I jot down the name, as well as offer a quick intention. Then every morning, I write my thoughts and prayers for 2 specific people, place, things in need. I also have 1 prayer of gratitude, which is also a person, place, or thing. I find it extra important to be thankful and grateful and not just focus on all the hurt. If the thought of a prayer journal is overwhelming, here are some simple tips that I found.

What are you remembering and recording about your days?











I first started journaling with a notebook filled with prompts. Sometimes I would write on the prompt, and other times it was just whatever spoke to me. I like to have direction when I’m not feeling any, and freedom when I’m inspired. I found that having the app allows me to have push notification sent to me. I set it to come in the morning after I should have written for the day, as a, Hey, you need to do this now reminder. In the evening, my phone goes into Do Not Disturb mode at 830, so my journal reminds me at 8 to write, which is also my cue to start unwinding for the nite.

In November, I really started utilizing the photo spot in the 5 minute journal more. The daily photo helps me to take a minute to take in the goodness, an it also reminds me to look for the goodness. I tried to remember a pic for every day in November, and I only missed one day, which is pretty awesome. I feel that now it is more of a habit. So, while I won’t commit to daily photos, I will be conscious to take a photo most days. (I don’t like the thought of always needing my phone on me, in case a picture opportunity presents itself. And let’s be honest, I’m not carrying around an old school camera that I then need to download or upload photos to use them somewhere.

If you journal, what format do you use? If you don’t journal, I challenge you to take it up for a week and report back on your progress.