Squat Challenge

So we started a squat challenge. 10,000 squats in a month. My legs hurt in places I didn’t know I had muscles, or at least realized I used them in squatting. We are into the second week, so “rest days” now have 200 squats. It is killer now, but I can only imagine how empowered we will feel at the end. I have been breaking up the squats throughout the day, usually in sets of 20. It helps to make sure my form is always good. I can take a minute to focus. I also don’t need to change into gym clothes for just a few at a time. Will any of us lose a ton of weight or inches this month? Not if we just do the challenge. Am I snacking on the popcorn from my uncle all day if I have to do 260 squats? Probably not. If I have a work out scheduled, I am also less likely to skip it when I have made time for squats already in my day. It has been great to do this challenge along side people I am usually helping. I am not perfect, they know when I get to 5 PM and haven’t started on my squats for the day. As much as they can gain from seeing that I just keep going, I get a little push and motivation to finish so I don’t let them down. I was asked today if I will start another challenge when this one finishes. To be honest, I don’t know. I think part of what make challenges great is growing from them and continuing to use lessons learned in the following weeks. Not going to lie, I am a little worried about doing my squats of the Avon walk weekend. I plan on doing them at the rest stops on day 1. I hope to have the strength to do the same on day 2. Monday, well, I am hopeful I will be able to walk normal. I have considered moving a rest day, so that I don’t need to complete as many. Also, I can add 50 or so a day after until I make it up. I still have another 9 days to decide. Knowing I have options gives me peace of mind that it will all work out, even if I don’t have my exact plan already.

I have loved every challenge I have done so far this year. From meditation to yoga to smoothies to now squats. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow. I have seen physical and mental growth from these challenges, and I am not even through half the year yet. 2015 is turning out to be pretty amazing. Any ideas on what I should tackle next?