Making Time

I’m too busy is so often an excuse I hear. You are not too busy, you are choosing different priorities. You can spend an hour after grocery shopping prepping food for the week, or you can watch an episode of The Bachelor. You can get a cardio sweat session or a manicure. You can meditate and journal for 10 minutes in the morning, or you can catch up with friends on Facebook. You need to always remember your why. It may change over time, but it needs to help you to get your butt moving. My why is genetic fighting. My family medical history is overwhelming and almost depressing. Some things I can’t change, but I can fight what I am genetically predispositioned to have with my diet and exercise. An important shift in your mentality is the lifestyle versus temporary diet cycle. When you make being healthy a part of your every day life, you make the time to make healthy choices. There is no need to be perfect or all in either. Just make one healthy choice and another and then another.
Before you make excuses about how busy you are, reexamine your priorities and motivation.
Make yourself a priority. You will be more productive at work, handle stress better, form healthy habits for your children earlier, and find yourself happier when you make the time. No one ever finds enough time.