I have committed this year to get into the best shape of my life. I started by joining the Yoga with Adriene 30 days of yoga challenge. I successfully completed. By Day 20, I had already decided that January wouldn’t be the end of my daily yoga practice. My plan while Mike is home is to do yoga after the morning boot camp. We shall see what happens when he is back on the road and I have 2 toddlers at my feet. A dance party may be more in order. I love that my kids see me working out and that they see me at a stage where I’m not in a weight loss cycle. I am working on making me the best by giving my life my best. A kid climbing on you during child’s pose is not very zen invoking though. 
During the 30 day challenge, Sundays were the hardest day for me. I wanted a day to sleep in, and sometimes that did not give me enough time to finish yoga before our day got started. Once I realized that I needed to wake up and just do the yoga, I felt so much better. 
I also picked up a new accountability partner in January. Between my choppy work schedule, Mike traveling, and having the kids’ activities, I get off track with my own work outs. My partner completely gets that as she is in a similar situation. We don’t check in daily, but knowing that I have to report to her gets my butt going a little more often. 
Cardio is my new focus for February. I walk a dog 3 days a week, and we were up to 3 miles a day. Then the cold hit. I have proper gear, doggy has a fleece vest and rubber footies. But he isn’t a fan of the wet and cold. Our miles have turned into blocks, sometimes even houses. I stay and play with him inside, so he at least gets some activity. The problem is that this is my scheduled cardio time and is no longer cardio for me. I need new time to get some run on for myself.
Eating right has a lot to do with health. So I’m more cognoscente of my meals. We already sit down at the table with no electronics for every meal. I often take pictures for instagram. The more pleasing to the eye, the more satisfied you feel eating. Taking pictures reinforces that your plate looks appetizing. The Japanese are so mindful when they eat, it is common practice to stop eating when 80% full. This leaves them satisfied, yet not overstuffed. While sometimes difficult while simultaneously supervising the toddlers, I am incorporating this practice into my meals this month. I have also gone back this year to eating veggies at every single meal. This involves a little more prep at the beginning of the week, so I have cooked veggies or chopped raw veggies on hand. In the fridge right now, I have baked acorn squash, roasted green beans with mushrooms and almonds, and some steamed broccoli. One of my favorite new hashtags on instagram is #eatgreenfood, check it out sometime!