Freezer meal club

I started a freezer meal club earlier this year. We had 9 people at the last exchange. Only 3 of us have participated every time. It has been a blast! Some meals are precooked,  and others are crock pot meals. We spend an average of 3 hours shopping and prepping for the exchange.

I’ve started an Evernote file this last one with recipes and cooking instructions. I’m excited to see the notebook grow with lots of great ideas. We started with a blog post from thriving home for some ideas. She has over 60 posted, and it is a great resource for starting. 
We are going to take a change next month, and I’m reaching out to wild tree. They do a couple different kinds. We will come with some food, and get some seasonings. 
We stick with “healthy”, but the adventurer in me likes setting different parameters at times. It helps our palates to grow and our knowledge of foods expand.
I started because I wanted to stock my freezer. I keep doing it because the food is yummy, and every little bit helps every family get healthier. It is my goal to help everyone I can live a healthier and happier life.
If you are the slightest but intrigued, start a group yourself. If you only have one friend to participate, you can each make 2 or 3 different worth the time and effort!