Dress the part

I’ve been walking my girlfriend’s dog for a few months now. I go three days a week, and we go about a mile each time. Maxi dress, flip flops, or a toddler walking in tow. I was going for a stroll and never thought it could be more. 

This week, I made my cardio days the days I walk Brady. I can get credit for what I do, just need to make it more. 
I showed up today in work out clothes and gym shoes. Pushed the littles in a double stroller and walked with some purpose. Ran home for a boot camp, and then threw the kids back in the stroller, put my dog on a leash, and went another mile or more. 
I feel so much better today and I didn’t do anything more. The best thing? Tomorrow, I get to strength train instead of cardio. I’ve saved myself time three days a week by not walking miles and strength training. 
Are you showing up and dressing the part to meet your goals?