Challenge yourself

I have several people contact me every week because they want help. Motivation to work out, accountability in meal planning, and direction as far as what to eat and when. Most are very genuine and sincere. Often, they are not as successful as I would hope. An outsider probably feels that means I’m not good, my ideas don’t work, or people should seek other help. The problem lies within our hesitation to change and hard work. Often times people want to be a certain size. What they don’t want is wake up earlier to exercise, give up a couple hours once a week to prep food, to clean dishes after a long day of work. Others are afraid of what people will think, fear push back from family, and think they will miss out on fun things if they start to live healthier.

Feeling great about yourself, being less prone to illness, and more able to easily go about daily activities is more than enough of a trade off for a change. Add in children or grandchildren, decreased chance of needing medication, and confidence that carries over into all aspects of life, change should be a no brainer.
What should you do when you are ready to take the plunge? Find someone to help. Family, friend, mentor, trainer, someone who will support you is great and someone on the journey will you is greater. Take the first step. It can be you will work out every day, you will drink water, you will write down what you eat. Master your goal in one week, and add a second the next week. Don’t wait for the perfect time because life is always happening and getting into your way. Be proud of your progress and the changes you have made, but don’t get comfortable and stagnant in your growth.
I love when my conversations lead to blogs and my blogs lead to more conversation. Just sent a message to my group that ended with Help me help you. It is really reasonating with me right now. I can only show you a few paths to take. If you don’t walk down one of them, you can’t be helped. When you are ready to make that change, reach out to me, or anyone else willing to help. You will need the support. It is not an easy road. But being healthy starts with making one choice and continues as long as you continue to make healthy choices. It is a journey and process, so be sure to enjoy the ride.