Healthy is ever evolving

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on different eating habits. If everyone was chemically built the same,  worked the same hours, experienced the same stress, this would be so much easier!
I’ve been doing paleo of some sort for the last 5 years. It isn’t working for me anymore. I’m not the size I’d like to be, and I find it increasingly hard to  follow the plan as strict as I should.
I love a lot about what Chris Powell does, from his transformation of the whole person to his exercise cues. He created a carb cycling program that I found incredibly intriguing.  I first started promoting it to those who were seeing great results with limiting processed foods, but finding themselves binging over the weekend. You alternate high carb days with low carb days. Then a client came over with another version of ketogenic diet. Her plan has 2 high carb days, with cardio based exercises. Then 2 days with high protein foods and strength training exercises. Day 5 is de stress, stretching type exercises. I have decided to throw it all into one pot and see what comes out. I am alternating my high carb and low carb days. I’m also doing cardio on high carb days and strength on low carb days. My last day is an active recovery day and a free day in terms of eating.
I’m always up for trying new lifestyles so that I can better help my clients in their journey. Do you have any experience in a lifestyle diet that is working, or didn’t work, for you?