Daily Challenge

In honor of March being Commit to Fit, I did a 30 day work out challenge. I chose Betty Rocker’s Make Fat Cry Challenge. I love her energy and spunk. And I felt it would be challenging, but doable. And I was totally right! It has been fun to do moves that I have forgotten about, and twists on some traditional exercises. I’ve enjoyed not being the creator of the program, as I’m rarely a press play type of workout person.
Some times you need to push, and sometimes you need to stretch
Sometimes it is easy to forget how good just 15 minutes a day can feel.
The downfall, for me, is that I would prioritize the challenge over my runs. So while something is better than nothing, it isn’t a good long term plan for my goals.
It is fantastic for getting into a habit or routine of intentional movement. And Betty Rocker did a great job of showing stretches, foam rolling, and gentle yoga recovery days.
When deciding if a 7, 21, or 30 day challenge is right for you, I think it comes to the individual.
I’m self proclaimed all in, change as much as possible, all at once type of person. I also don’t let one misstep derail my whole day. While I’m motivated internally to complete a challenge, I’m equally empowered to inspire others on the same journey.
Are you all in or are you more of a baby steps type of person?
If you are the type of person who does well following someone else’s directions, then a challenge will do you well. Same if you do well with positive peer pressure.
Have you tried a challenge recently? What were your results and take aways?