My Work Out Playlists

The music on your playlist can really help get you in your groove when it comes to working out. When I am in the garage, I like to play spotify playlists. Motivation Mix is often my choice for my boot campers, but I often use Cross Fit, Workout Twerkout, and 80s Metal & Hair Bands playlists on my own time.

Spotify is a great source for pregrouped music selections, perfect for any mood









I run with and writing this list makes me want to add more songs. Then app works with your iTunes music (sorry, android friends), and can be arranged by pace. You go onto the website and select songs to download to your iTunes account. I always search by pace, and pick a few above and a few below my target pace. You can add a pump up song, warm up songs, and even black list songs. You can play songs from a select playlist, or have it detect your pace and play accordingly. is a great app when you want to sync your running stride to the beat of your music, set a pump up song, and even include cool down songs.










Some of my songs that I have are Pharrell Williams Happy, Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger, Jimmy Eat World The Middle, Blink-182 All the Small Things, Alabama Song of the South, Pink Raise Your Glass, No Doubt Spider Webs, OutKast Hey Ya!, Avril LaVinge Girlfriend, Michael Jackson Beat It, Florence & The Machine Dog Days are Over, Lenny Dravitz Fly Away, Chani Timber (featuring Paulette), Blondie One Way or Another, Imagine Dragon Monster, Shania Twain Honey I’m Home, Black Eyed Peas Pump It and Boom Boom Pow.