Get Happier

Something about February, right?

Actually it is a lot of things. Winter feels like it has been here forever, with no end to the cloudy gray skies. Even with our lack of Midwest snow this year, with a couple unseasonable warm and sunny days sprinkled in, it is not ideal temperatures to be outside and there is not enough sunlight for our bodies needs. Being outside daily can give huge positive boosts to your mood, even on the cold, gray days. If it takes 10 minutes to bundle you, a toddle, and an infant up  to go outside for 5 minutes, just do it! The benefits out weigh the time spent bundling, and even the kids complaining. One of the greatest perks of our new pup is that she needs to go on walks, a lot. Audrey was happy in the yard by herself, but Pippa needs company, so I have found myself out a lot this winter. The fresh air, sun (if it is out), and even the change of scenery will benefit you, so get outside today!

fake it till you make it!







There is the thought out there to “Fake it until you make it.” I’m going to challenge you to fake happiness. Does it sound crazy, maybe. But it works! Smile at a random stranger, or pleasantly greet your cashier. You brighten their day, which in turn brightens yours. It is so easy to do, and as long as you leave the house once a day, there are always opportunities presented.

Your mindset and perspective are huge to your success when it comes to getting healthy. My current mantra is You don’t need motivation, you need discipline. Ouch, right? But so true. You can’t wait for motivation to work out as you channel surf on the couch. You need to drive yourself to the gym because you said you would go today.

a healthy outside starts from the inside









I feel like journalling is my current platform, from tracking mood with food to tracking gratitude to scribing prayer to getting thoughts out of your head and on paper. Sometimes, people can dwell on issues or avoid issues and they can create problems else where in their life. Tracking habits and patterns can bring you behavior to the forefront of your mind, allowing you to stop down spirals and to see where you can build on past success.
Currently, I’ve been keeping my happiness and joy through re-reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, with friends. It was a game changer for me the first time I read it, and I’m continuing to get new ideas this time. The biggest key to happiness is that is comes from within of you. So, what will you do today to be happier?

plan your vacation, staycation, and dream vacation and you will increase your happiness levels