Excuse Maker

I had the BEST of intentions to work out after Jack was born. But I found myself just making excuses. I can’t bring him with me to the gym because he is too young. Which is true, however, I have a husband at home who is willing and able to help. I can’t work out in the basement because everyone knows I’m down there and will just come bug me. Also true, kind of like when mom tries to talk on the phone or go to the bathroom. I still, however, have a willing and able helping husband at home with me. My older son started going through some typical teenage hormone things. He also was adjusting to the new normal with a toddler and infant at home. They get a bath as he comes in from playing, and I am putting them to bed as he sits downstairs alone. I came up with the perfect solution to my excuses and his attitude adjustment. We both wake up at 6 now. I used to lay in bed and read the papers, catch up on facebook, stay as quiet as possible until the last possible moment. We fumble down to the basement and work out. It makes the 7 AM hour hectic around here. My husband comes home at 615 from the gym, and watches the little 2 kids for me. So 7 AM rolls around and all 3 of us need to shower and eat so that we can get out the door/on with our day.
I wouldn’t change it for anything. I don’t have an agenda to discuss with my son as we work out. I correct his form, but I don’t expect perfection. It is my time to be his “buddy” and he can talk to me about anything/nothing. Most of the time, we talk about working out. He has even helped me create some of the circuits.
Today we wrote out some goals after we worked out. I am not going to nag him about his goals, but tomorrow we will discuss his plan of action to reach the goals.
Back to my action plan. I wrote that I will do cardio 3 days a week, which means no more excuses. So what if I have to shower twice in a day. I do my older son’s chores so he will help with the little ones. I think 30 minutes for me to run a few days a week is not asking too much.
We all have something holding us back from what we want to achieve. That something, is us, the individual. Wake up with me, stop making excuses. Make and execute plans to achieve your goals instead.