You are not actually in control of that number on the scale. There are so many other factors at play. Set a goal based on something you can control.

Your weight on a scale can be a measure of progress, but as we go into 2017, I […]

Beyond the Scale

What are you eating for? Becka's Boot Camp

I find myself so often saying/thinking: “That’s a dieters mentality.” Do you find yourself eating the kids’ food […]

What are you eating for?

Running is like a drug these days for me. I am able to clear my mind, my joints don't ache. I feel strong and accomplished. It is hard to get out of bed though. Man, do I struggle with waking up the last week or so,

It is starting to become real that I am actually running a 15K race. This weekend will be […]

Race Day is Coming!

Do not reward yourself with food. We don't work out to earn treats. It is about balance and lifestyle and healthy from the inside out. Your number on the scale is not an indication of your level of health.

We have all been conditioned to turn to food for comfort, for celebration, for our feelings. Food was […]

Healthy Celebrations

Since I graduated college, I’ve taken dance classes on a few occasions. I took a ballet class with […]

Back to Dance

I had the BEST of intentions to work out after Jack was born. But I found myself just […]

Excuse Maker