Taking time

Ever feel like you are too busy? Burning the candle at both ends? Stop, and take a breather! Did you know that people who step away from work to take a lunch are more productive in the afternoon than those who have a working lunch?

I write a daily schedule every nite for the following day. I’m able to prioritize what needs to get done. I make a weekly meal plan. I use appointments and work schedules to figure how much time I have to prepare dinner, when lunch is on the go, etc. I make a monthly work out plan, I know when I roll out of bed what exercises I will be doing that day. 
Every morning, I start my morning with devotionals. Doesn’t matter if it is your faith based or not, it helps to ground you and set the tone for a great day. Each night, I spend a few minutes in silence (meditation if possible) and then I journal for 20 minutes. Journaling helps with stress management and problem solving. Set yourself up for success, what will you do today?