Plan and Execute

For years, I have been making a weekly meal plan. If I don’t make a plan, I can tell by my decreased energy levels and my increased grocery bill. My plan ensures we are prepared for crazy days like today. I have a boot camp from 545-630. Mike has a conference call from 6-7. Tyler has practice from 630-730. I have a meeting from 7-9.  Dinner is in the crock pot and will be ready and hot when each person has time to eat.

Often, I’m told “I can’t afford to eat healthy”. That is just another excuse. Everyone can afford some level of health in their diet. Since we plan our meals, we don’t ever stop to pick up something quick. Going out to eat is a rare treat, not a weekly occurrence. When I’m out running errands, I know lunch is waiting at home; no need to run through the drive thru. Saves us hundreds of dollars a year that way. 
Once you make a plan, you need to execute. It can take several weeks to make a plan that works for your lifestyle. The biggest key is to continue following your plan, even after a slip up. At the end of the week, re evaluate and adjust. 
A meal plan doesn’t need to be complicated. Before you made a plan, you probably had1-3 different things for breakfast; no need to plan for 7 different breakfasts in a week then. I mentioned that lunch is waiting at home. Cook for a few days at a time. It is so much easier to reheat each day, no need to spend hours every day cooking. 
So, what’s your plan?