Health Conscious

Some people eat whatever they want and maybe work out if there is time. They either stay the same size or don’t appear to care that they are growing larger.Some people obsess over food and exercise. What they ate last, when they eat next, how many calories they have consumed, what time is class, how many calories are burned in class. Somewhere in the middle, there is a delicate balance where the people who have figured it out live. The ideal is to be diligent when it comes to food and exercise. Make a plan for the week and stick to the plan. This requires some flexibility in your plan, as well as some smart decision making on the go because even the ideal person doesn’t live in a bubble. I personally have been making meal plans for years and I can really tell when I decide to take a week off. I make poor decisions because nothing is made and ready to go. I work as a personal trainer, I have a studio in basement full of work out equipment, but if I don’t schedule a work out (like you would a doctor’s appointment) the work out doesn’t happen. I love to work out, so it isn’t even avoidance. I’m diligent, health conscious, and I hope to stave off future health problems by my actions today.