Work with me

Whether you have followed me forever or you just saw your first bit of Becka, what should you know if you want to work with me? I think you need to know that I believe you can make all the changes you need, in order to lead a healthier life. I know it won’t be easy, it will be worth it though. There are several options to work with me, so let’s break down each offering.

Boot Camp

The first is boot camp. If you live within driving distance of Grayslake, you can come to my gym studio and join me for classes. Week days, classes start at 5 AM with the last class of the day sometimes starting as late as 6 PM. Classes are small group, mostly circuit style training and last about 45 minutes.

While in class, we do wear polar heart rate monitoring straps. When you come to class, there are loaner straps and transmitters. You will create an account through Polar for the monitoring.  In order to best configure heart rate maximum and calories burned, it will ask you for things like your height, weight, and age. Using heart rate monitoring allows us to see your cardiovascular improvement. It also informs us when you need to modify exercises to hit your personal goals.

Classes are offered on an unlimited, month to month basis for $100 per month. If  you aren’t ready to commit to an entire month, the drop in rate is $15 per class. The schedule is found at and you will need to create an account to purchase passes and sign up for classes. Come to your first class with an open mind, hard working attitude, comfortable clothes, clean gym shoes, and a water bottle. Along with that open mind and hard working attitude, I try to foster an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement. You will not find people judging others, you may find some friendly competition.

Virtual Classes

Thanks to the pandemic, we have expanded and offer virtual classes. Lamaiya offers virtual yoga and Zumba classes. Solvei and I have virtual boot camp style classes You will note that on the schedule, there is a box that says ONLINE next to virtual classes. When you sign up for a class, you are emailed a confirmation email. The day before the class, you are sent another email, this one containing the Zoom link to join the class. If you haven’t already, it is fairly easy, and free, to create a Zoom account. The virtual classes are still $100 per month for unlimited classes, and you can mix and match any of the classes. The drop in rate for virtual is $10 per class, with options to buy a single class or multiple classes at a time.

For yoga, it is helpful to have a yoga mat and some props like blocks, bolsters, and straps. However, a towel out of your bathroom with a couple large books will serve you just fine. At the start of Lamaiya’s class, you can see on the screen which props would be most helpful for that day’s practice. For the boot camps, we share which equipment would be most helpful. Again, you can make do with what you have in your house. A couple water bottles for weights, a milk jug for a kettle bell, we can help you get creative.

If you are attending a virtual class and have some limitations, be sure to share with the instructor via email before if not at the start of the call. This way, we can be best prepared to give some modifications. Even if your limitation is that you can’t lay on the ground or your cat will sit on you. For overall sound quality, we typically mute participants on the call once we start the workout, but encourage you to unmute yourself during the class with questions.

Pre Recorded Videos

I have a large collection of pre recorded workouts available. On the punchpass website, some videos are available to all members with an unlimited class membership. You can also buy a virtual class pass and sign up for the Pre Recorded Workout. It is scheduled at midnight, to decrease confusion about it not being live. Once you sign up for the class, you can press play on that’s days workout at any time that day. This is a great option for people a little more self motivated to press play. It is also a great solution if the virtual class schedule just isn’t working for you that day. The pre recorded videos are available with the $100 per month unlimited membership, you can also buy individual virtual passes for $10.


I published a 90 day journal for total health accountability. In the journal, there is place to track everything from water intake, meal plans, food logs, sleep time, gratitude, to even your intention for the day. With the journal, you will check in with me over the 90 days. Your focus can switch over the weeks on what you are dialing your attention towards.

Since the journal is more than a food tracker, we can see an area that may be holding you back from your goals. Most people have goals related to their weight on a scale, and by tracking in the journal, we can narrow in where their focus needs to be. Often, it is not where we think. I talk about the 5 basics of health, and how weight loss (or weight gain) is so much more than exercise. If you want to dive into more of what I think about sleep, water, exercise, food, and stress management, you can check out this video.

Sample Taste

Sharing goals and truths about your eating and exercise habits requires you to be vulnerable. You may find that you really want to know/trust the person you are sharing your struggles and successes with. There are a few ways to learn more about me, so that you can feel safe sharing with me. I have a whole YouTube channel for you, if videos are your thing. One playlist is called Becka’s Tid Bits where I drop bits of wisdom and share parts of my personal journey. Another playlist has some workouts similar to give you a taste of what boot camp with Becka is like.

Some people prefer to read.First, you have found my blog, and some of my posts are more personal than others. I recently wrote about my 2020 word of the year, and how I reframed what I thought the year would look like with some wins that actually happened. If you are looking for an example of the community we have built here at boot camp, I have a private group on Facebook. My newsletter typically goes out on the first of the month, and you can sign up for not only the newsletter but a 7 day at home challenge.

I do share random thoughts, things I read, and quotes to think about on Facebook, Instagram, and even share some on SnapChat, @BeckasBootCamp.

If you have a question for me, drop it in the comments and I will be sure to answer you!