First full day

We started the challenge yesterday, but today was the first full 24 on the plan. I added a snack of raw cashews and I’m starving right now. Prob should of added a salad with dinner, or post dinner. 

Loving the new recipes. Jack loved the pork chop and eggplant tonite. 
Breakfast was good, but nothing will compare to the avocado and egg I started the challenge with. Two of my favorite foods. 
Snack was okay, I like cashew better than almond butter. I use them in cooking a little, but don’t usually eat it plain. It made the banana a little, thick, to swallow. 
Chicken wasn’t bad re heated. It wasn’t dry, even though I over heated it. Oops !
Gotta get someone to check my body fat tomorrow for my baseline. And I need to take a pic in my goal pants. Don’t worry, I won’t post the before without the after. No need to burn your eyes : )